HSS Germany

Who is a Hindu?
A Hindu is anyone who believes in the diverse traditions that have evolved out of Bharat (India), and includes Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Vaishnavas, Saivites, Vedantins, and Saktis.
Who runs HSS?
HSS is a volunteer based organization.  Nobody is paid.  Some volunteers called vistaraks commit to volunteering several years full-time.  Some volunteers called pracharaks commit their whole life for HSS work.
Day to day activities are managed by a team of volunteer officers appointed by Board of Directors as per its bylaws.
Are there elections? How is leadership and decision-making done?
HSS makes decisions based on consensus.  There are no elections.
Is there a membership fee? How do you raise funds?
HSS is a volunteer based organization, not a member based organization.  HSS has a unique method of managing its finances.  There is no membership fee and there are no fund raising events for its operations.  At the Guru Poornima festival, swayamsevaks may contribute financially and make their offering to the Bhagwa Dhwaj, as it is considered to be their Guru.
Does HSS send money to India?
No.  HSS uses its money for its own activities and does not send money abroad.
Is there any relationship between HSS & RSS?
HSS is ideologically inspired by the RSS vision of a progressive and dynamic Hindu society that can deal with its internal and external challenges, and contribute to the welfare of the whole world.  HSS is an independent non-profit organization in the Germany that focuses on the needs of Hindus in this country.
What work is not in the realm of HSS activities?
HSS does not send money to any other country or give it to any other organization.  Many people who have participated in HSS and RSS activities have been inspired to create and work in other social service organizations worldwide.

HSS is not a political organization.  It raises awareness of issues affecting Hindus, but does not support any political candidate or political party.